We want our policies to be fair and transparent. As such, they are laid out here so that we are on the same page at all times about how Blue Balloon operates.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice: You will still be charged for the lesson. Please note that if your child has a communicable illness, you will be asked to cancel your child's lesson and will still have to pay for the class.

Reschedule requests with more than 48 hours' notice: Each student is allowed 3 cancellations (with at least 48 hours' notice!) which will be applied as a credit towards future classes if makeups are unable to be scheduled. If your instructor has to miss a lesson, he/she will make it up or Blue Balloon will do our best to offer you a makeup lesson or a substitute during your regular lesson time.

Lessons that fall on Holidays: Lessons on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are automatically canceled. If you would like to cancel a lesson on any other holiday, please be sure to give us at least 48 hours' notice and your instructor or Blue Balloon will schedule a makeup. These holiday makeups will not count towards your three allowable makeups.

SNOW DAY POLICY: If there is a DOE snow day, we will cancel all lessons and schedule makeups for all classes. In the event your teacher is unavailable at a time that works for you, your instructor or Blue Balloon will arrange a makeup with another teacher. Please note that there are no refunds for snow day classes.


Payment is due at the beginning of the semester through the main office. Teachers are never to be paid by you directly. You pay your instructor through Blue Balloon. A 15% fee per month is added to any unpaid invoices more than 30 days past due. We reserve the right to cancel lessons due to delinquent payment. Please note that there are no refunds and fees are non-transferable, but with two weeks' notice to discontinue lessons, you will receive a credit towards future classes. 



A parent or guardian must be present at all lessons for any students 18 and under.


Social Media & Marketing Consent

Upon registration, parents are given the option to exclude their child from any Blue Balloon social media or marketing materials. The consent is copied below:

Parent and/or Student hereby consents to and authorizes Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People to capture and use video-audio recordings and photographic images of Student and Student’s musical performances and quoted statements in print, electronic, or online media, for educational and Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People promotional purposes only, without any compensation to Parent or Student. Parent and/or Student agrees to waive and release any and all claims Parent and/or student may have against Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People relating to the use of these recordings, images, or statements. This Consent is binding upon all heirs and future legal representatives. Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People will not personally identify a minor child by full name in connection with a video recording or photographic image of the child, unless Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People receives separate written signed consent from the Parent.



The release is copied below:

I hereby release Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People, its members, agents and volunteers of all liability. By signing this release, I understand that I am absolving and releasing others from liability from their own negligent acts, even if I am not at fault in any way. In consideration of my/my child’s participation in classes or other activities at or associated with Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People, I agree to assume full responsibility for them, their heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which they may have or which occur to them, for all damages which may be sustained and suffered by them in connection with their association with or entry into Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People activities or which may arise out of their participation in these activities. I expressly assume all of the risks inherent in these activities.


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