Where did the inspiration for WeGrow come from?

I was looking for a school for my daughter that would not only nurture growth in her mind but also her spirit, a place that had a real culture of kindness, a place where she should would have a deep connection to nature, and a place where her individual gifts, talents and passions would be recognized and supported. After not being able to find such a place I decided to start WeGrow.

How would you describe WeGrow’s philosophy?

At WeGrow our mission is to unleash every child’s superpowers.  We believe that every human is a creator, that each of us has a unique spark to share with the world – and we want to help every child discover and nurture the creator within themselves. Children are innately creative, curious and altruistic, yet too often these characteristics are lost in traditional school settings.

Our schooling is rooted in our student’s passions and our approach is hands-on and project-based, drawing from progressive educational pedagogies, such as Montessori and Bank Street.

What makes WeGrow unique from other schools?

There are five things that make WeGrow stand out from any other school: our weekly connection to nature, an emphasis on creating a culture of kindness, a curriculum that is centered around the spirit as much as the mind, access to the WeWork community, and plans for global expansion that will allow families to live an international life and will allow students to use the world as their classroom.

In particular, the WeWork community is one of the most unique aspects of WeGrow. Each student at WeGrow has access to WeWork’s global community of more than 200,000 creators and entrepreneurs. Until now it has been nearly impossible to have this many specialists in one school. So whether a child is interested in fashion, engineering, or coding and tech, he or she will be paired with a WeWork member or employee as mentors who can bring their passions to life.  

What is your vision for WeGrow?

I believe that we are students of life for life, and as long as we’re alive we should always be in a personal state of growth and discovery.  Education is a lifelong journey that should not be restricted by age or location. So we are not only on a mission to reimagine what education looks like for children, but humans of all ages. Our inaugural school this fall is just the first physical manifestation of our vision, which will grow with our students expanding all the way through high school. Ultimately, our vision is to open locations around the world where we can help all humans unleash their superpowers.