When are lessons offered?

Kids ages 3-18 can be signed up for a semester-based lesson package with an independent musical instructor in our network. You reserve a time slot in a teacher’s schedule for your child based on school year semesters. Students usually can get started mid-semester and most students continue semester after semester. Lessons are usually after school or on weekends. Depending on age and other factors, lessons can be either 45 or 60 minutes once or twice a week depending on the instructor’s and your schedule.

Adults usually do a 1-hour lesson once or twice per week on weeknights after work or on weekends. Weekday daytimes are also a possibility for those who have a flexible work schedule consistent with an instructor’s availability.

Why songwriting vs. regular music lessons? 

Children are full of whimsical ideas, non-sequitors and brilliant little thoughts that we parents often skim over as we struggle to get them bathed, dressed, clothed and out the door (“It’s 20 degrees outside, yes you have to wear a coat!”). Songwriting lessons are an opportunity to take a step back and listen to the children’s thoughts and ideas and craft them into songs that can be recorded and preserved for years to come. Songwriting lessons incorporate the benefits of traditional music lessons with the added elements of creativity, self-exploration and building self confidence.

Is 3 years old too young for lessons?

Not at all! When people say that 3 is too young, they are referring to traditional music lessons that are too boring to keep the attention of a young child. Teachers in our network have lots of experience working with little ones and even work with babies and 2-year olds sometimes! Lessons are play based and child-led because children learn best when they don't even realize they are learning. This brings out their playful, creative, and musical side. Your child’s everyday activities will be turned into something super fun and educational. Positive early exposure to music is extremely important and valuable for kids!

How to choose an instrument?

Is there a particular instrument your child is drawn to? If it’s possible to take their lead on this, we highly recommend it. In general, we recommend 3 and 4 year olds start on the ukulele, piano or drums. Our 5-10 year olds can learn any instrument, but we can help recommend specific instruments that are age and size appropriate. 

Do I need to buy an instrument?

We live here too and understand that space is at a premium! We can recommend starter instruments for around $150 (ukuleles cost around $50-$75), so you don’t have to break the bank to get started. We can help recommend specific items from Amazon or other retailers once the first lesson is confirmed.

Does Blue Balloon have a studio?

No, teachers in our network usually are available to come to you! The emotional comfort of home-based lessons works especially well for children 10 and under. If your home or apartment is small, don’t worry! We will make it work. Most parents love the convenience of our home lessons but if you would like to have lessons in an instructor’s home studio or a rehearsal space, just let us know and an instructor in our network may be able to accommodate your request.

Will I have the same teacher every week?

Yes. Your child should have a consistent experience and develop a strong bond with their teacher. In the rare event that you need to reschedule with more than 48 hours’ notice or if a teacher is sick, another teacher will likely be available to keep the momentum of your child’s lessons going. Instructors in our network are superb. They are talented and dedicated. All instructors in our network who teach in our clients’ homes choose to undergo background checks. Rest assured that you will have a really great teacher at all times.

Any other questions, just contact us!