Brandy began her classical training at the age of nine and continued her studies in jazz and world music with a focus on percussion and vibraphone. Brandy has toured and recorded in the US and Europe with many artists in various musical styles. She is currently pursuing a degree in music education at Hunter College. Brandy has been teaching children for six years and has a passion for teaching and songwriting!!

Where are you from? 

I’m from California but I moved to New York to Study jazz performance at the New School.


What instruments do you teach? 

I teach drums, piano, guitar, voice and ukulele!


Are you involved in a band or any musical projects right now? 

I play vibraphone in my own band called Paycheck. I also play percussion in a latin jazz combo. 


How long have you been teaching music lessons?

I’ve been teaching for 6 years!


What are your biggest strengths as a teacher and why?

I’ve been a student of music for twenty years which helps me explain and teach music in many different ways. Everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. I  truly enjoy having musical breakthroughs with my students and have fun improving their musicianship.



Tell us one of your favorite stories of working with a Blue Balloon student!

There are so many fun and special moments that occur in every lesson. My favorite part is the end of year performance because we get to share the students original songs and it shows how hard work really pays off and allows for public performance experience.


What is an interesting thing about you that your students don’t usually know?

I come from a musical family and play in several bands with my little brother. Also, I love world music, I’ve been to 47 states in the US, and I would love to learn how to play the harp and hammered dulcimer.