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"I have had an incredibly rewarding and fun experience teaching with Blue Balloon for nearly three years. It has been remarkable watching and hearing my students grow into incredible little musicians and songwriters. I am in awe at the talent and imagination that comes out of these bright and precocious young New Yorkers. As an instructor at the Blue Balloon School, I have gained invaluable hands on experience for developing tools and methods to further my pursuit as a music educator. The dedication and fresh perspective of my students keeps me thriving. I truly look forward to the next generation of musicians that will shape the arts of this wonderful city.”             -Brandy Ruelas (Blue Balloon teacher since 2014)


"Teaching with Blue Balloon is an incredible experience. The ability to give songwriting lessons to children with a focus on a primary instrument of their choice, not to mention an opportunity to perform on stage at the end of the school year remains very special for everyone involved. It is an amazing way to expose music to children at any age. Every time I teach, I am constantly inspired by my students and reminded of how much I love sharing the gift of music. The creativity, skill and patience these children have with their instruments continues to impress and astound me. Blue Balloon represents the future of music education."                -Sarah Frances Cagianese (Blue Balloon teacher since spring 2016)


Please note: We hire teachers on a rolling “as needed” basis. That means we will definitely get back to you if we are interested, but it may not be immediately. At times, it may be several weeks or months before we start another round of interviews.