Students at Blue Balloon Songwriting for Small People learn to write, sing, play, and record their own compositions.

Our students create fantastically smart, beautiful songs, while learning how to play an instrument.


Big Sister, Little Sister (By Lila and Tess)

Your child will be matched with one of our awesome teachers, who we will send to your home once or twice a week to work with your child on one of the following instruments:




Not sure which is best for your child? We’ll help you decide!

Don’t see an instrument listed that you're interested in? We can probably still teach it. Just ask!


Our teachers will travel to your home to teach private and small group lessons.

All of our group classes are generally composed of either small groups of friends or students who request lessons in the same neighborhood.   


Students will learn how to compose a song from their very first lesson while learning the basics of an instrument. Children will compose lyrics and music as they learn about song structure, rhythm, and rhyming and will learn how to record their own songs.  The lessons are upbeat and dynamic, providing a solid foundation for a lifelong love of music and songwriting.

Songwriting and creativity are the focus of the lessons regardless of their level with a specific instrument. Their songs become more complex and dynamic, incorporating everything they are learning about instrument performance and music theory into their own songs.

Why songwriting vs. regular music lessons? 

Kids have a lot more fun when they create their own music and are taught in a way that works for them individually. This is child-led and play-based learning, which encourages creative growth, self-expression, self-confidence, and means kids have a much more enjoyable experience during each lesson.

What kind of songs are students writing?

Our students live in NYC and Music City! Kids appreciate good music just as much as adults do. Think indie rock, acoustic, DIY, fun and creative tunes versus boring traditional nursery rhymes. 

Is there a concert? 

Our New York students perform their own original songs at an annual “Spring Songwriting Showcase” held at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Rather than having the usual “recital”, these kids have the unique experience of performing in public, plugged-in like pros! Our showcases are usually listed in the New York Times (no big deal) and are the highlight of our students' years. Nashville: stay tuned! We plan to have a showcase in the spring, venue TBD! 

Parents can expect to periodically receive emailed recordings and video clips of their budding songwriters, which become lifelong mementos and allow you to see your child’s progress.

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