Students 10 and up are part of our

Pitch & Propeller division




Some of our students learn to write, sing, play and record their own compositions while learning how to play an instrument, while others learn to play songs they know and love. Our team of talented teachers work with total beginners as well as those who are interested in taking their playing to the next level.

Your young adult will be matched with one of our awesome teachers, who we will send to your home once or twice a week to work with them on one of the following instruments:







If your child is starting a new instrument and they're not sure which one to choose, just let us know. We can help with that decision!

Don’t see an instrument listed that you're interested in? We can probably still teach it. Just ask!



Our teachers will travel to your home to teach private and small group lessons. Our group classes are generally composed of either small groups of friends or students who request lessons in the same neighborhood.   


Why songwriting Vs. regular music lessons? 

Adolescents usually have something to say. Our approach lets them express themselves through songwriting and gives them a creative outlet for all their emotions. The result is a much more confident and mature young adult. Imagine your child spending less time with a phone in their hands, but a musical instrument instead. Students learn how to write their own songs, play an instrument, record music, and prepare for auditions.

For students who prefer to focus on learning to play an instrument without writing their own songs, our teachers will tailor a curriculum around your child’s musical tastes. We believe learning how to play an instrument should never be boring.


Is there a "recital"? 

Our Pitch & Propeller students have many opportunities to perform their own original songs at various major music venues in NYC and Nashville. Rather than having the usual “recital”, these kids have the unique experience of performing in public, plugged-in like pros! Our showcases are usually listed by the New York Times (no big deal) and are the highlight of our students' years. 

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